• Always Champion Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in 1985, which is a professional factory with the main business items focusing on producing Taibrelle® (Non-woven Melted Fabric).
  • In 1987, the Company established a new factory and imported new facilities, and then, the factory moved to Pao An village, Jen Te Hsiang, Pan An Industrial Park in order to meet a great deal of demand for the market.
  • In 1990, we updated the production lines to 12 lines so as to comply with the urgent demand for the users of Taibrelle® . The monthly capacity is 2,500,000 yarns to be a leading position at this business circle, we have been approved by the shoe business for the domestic and oversea countries whatever the quality, the price or the delivery is.
  • In 1992,the Company transferred the capital to invest in the dyeing factory in Hsinying Industrial Park to make us be more competitive from the excellent quality and good stability of the delivery,
  • We expended the yarn drawing equipment for yearly capacity of 4000 tons in 1993 to become a sound factory from yarn drawing, nylon fiber making and cloth making , which has been a pioneer of non-woven cloth factory.
  • The Company established a color yarn drawing factory at Cheng Kung Village,Jen Te Hsiang in 1997 . In addition to the advantage of avoiding the pollution for the dyeing sewage,we had reached the strong points of resisting abrasion, tearing and stable color,which is to make the quality more perfect to get every shoe factory's favor and become a non-pollution factory with environmental protection, as well.
  • Due to the urgent requiring a nearest service , we established a new factory in China and founded "Zhongshan Kuang Sheng Shoes Material Limited" at zhongshan City in Kuang Dong Province to extend the service network in 1998.
  • We are going to expand the facilities of the dyeing factory at Zhongshan City in Kuang Dong Province in 2001 so as to offer the clients the more perfect service and the time efficiency of developing the production.

WE, ALWAYS CHAMPION ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD. Offer our clients the most complete service network so as to provide them various kinds of reliable Taibrelle®@(Non-woven melted fabric).Our professional technicians will rapidly offer clients the perfect serice with meeting the quality requirements through sound soft & hard facilities from designing sam;les, developing and processing the products after we got the demand of the clients.)

  • Nylon fiber marking section:NYLON FIBER
  • Cloth making section: NON-WOVEN MELTED FABRIC/ANTISTATIC Taibrelle® /Anti-bacterial Taibrelle® / ANTI-MOLD Taibrelle®
  • Pattern setting

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